Programs - Delivered onsite or via video conferencing

Optimal Speaking Voice & Diction

For American professionals or high-functioning and motivated students, who know they need these skills to be heard and respected. Increases the impact of telephone, video conferencing, and face-to-face communication through enhanced voice quality, speech clarity, projection and “infectious enthusiasm.” Evaluations, feedback and improvement are done via audio playback and practice materials, through scientific and holistic approaches. 

Accent Improvement

Primarily for multinationals who don’t what their accents to impede their success. Evaluations, feedback and improvement done via audio playback, practice materials, and real-world or work materials, and scientific and holistic approaches.  

Presenting with Impact

For professionals who want the skills needed to effectively organize and present to groups with the impact and confidence needed. Besides learning valuable skills, participants also have fun in the process in this lively program!


For those needing to either inspire or convince others either one-to-one or in front of groups. This high energy, results-oriented program helps professionals enhances the strategic and physical skills needed to win over audience. 

Interpersonal Communication Strategies

Provides research-backed on-line interpersonal assessment tools add a “eureka factor” to this eye-opening program. Hands-on practice and video-taped role plays provide work-specific insights and experience gained about the different communication styles and motivators of colleagues and clients. Participants become more insightful and adept at managing, teaming, handling difficult interpersonal situations, providing effective customer service, and selling ideas, products and services.


Individual Follow up Coaching


Is offered in any convenient format help goals achieved integrate into more demanding situations.  

Powerful Speech Writing and Persuasive Writing

Is available to existing clients.

Message Creation

For Organizations Needing to Create Short, Impactful Statements