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What we do?

FitzCom arms individuals and organizations with the communication skills needed to succeed in a competitive business environment. We take a positive, dynamic and personalized approach, using a wide variety of tools to analyze and refine all aspects of communication. One of the advantages that sets us apart from the rest is our expertise in both the business and scientific aspects of communication. In addition, we offer a broad-based ability to meet the very specific communication needs of our growing culturally-diverse and global work force.

Programs are customized and delivered for both groups and individuals from the middle to the uppermost levels of organizations looking for greater impact in the market place.

Program formats are designed for either groups or individuals with flexible and convenient time frames including ½-Day, 1-Day, and 2-Day workshops, 1-on-1 Coaching, Work Shadowing, and Online Coaching.

Group Programs

Presenting with Impact – Participants learn the skills needed to effectively organize and present information to groups with the impact and comfort level they want. Multiple individualized video-tapings and critiquing leave participants with more confidence, clarity and ease when presenting. Courses designed especially for Non-Natives are also available.

Effective Sales Presentation Skills – Enhances the strategic and physical skills needed to win over any audience. Private video-taped playback of participants’ real-life sales presentations power up this high energy, results-oriented course.

Effective Voice and Diction – Increases the impact of telephone, web conferencing, video-conferencing, and face-to-face communication through enhanced voice quality, speech clarity, projection and “infectious enthusiasm.” These small group sessions make use of enlightening audio- and video-recordings.

DiSC Interpersonal Communication Strategies – Research-backed on-line interpersonal assessment tools add a “eureka factor” to this eye-opening program. Hands-on practice and video-taped role plays provide work-specific insights and experience gained about the different communication styles, and motivators of colleagues and clients/customers. Participants become more insightful and adept at managing, teaming, handling difficult interpersonal situations, providing effective customer service, and selling ideas, products and services.

Accent Improvement – Focuses on modifying the aspects of accents and dialects that impede or distract listeners from the speaker’s message. “Ear training,” improved speech sound production, and American speech “rhythm”/fluency are just a few of the aspects included in this highly-customized, work-focused program. Oftentimes, subtle but needed high-level linguistic aspects are included as well. Ongoing audio recordings for critiquing, and for “before-and-after” comparison highlight gains made in this program.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is offered in any convenient format that can achieve the goals recommended in our in-depth Needs Assessment and/or Evaluation for a full array of communication skill needs for both American-born and Non-Native professionals / executives / leaders. Face-to-Face, Telephone / Telephone Conferencing, Video Webcasting, Email and Proposal Writing, formats for all the communication skill areas below.

Follow up coaching after group or individual programs is advised for more effective integration of skills into newer and more challenging work situations. This service can often be enhanced by appropriate work-shadowing approaches.